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SKU: FC000755

EAN: 8010690170466

Rug made of eco-friendly fur for dogs and cats, with anti-slip bottom
Soft and sturdy, Plaza Gummy is a comfortable rug for cats and dogs with anti-slip bottom to guarantee maximum stability. Made of eco-friendly fur, it ensures great insulation thanks to the particular structure of its inner fibres, which makes it sturdy and resistant to tear. The perfect accessory to provide your friend with a comfortable resting place in countless situations: on the floor at your home, for instance, in that corner Fluffy loves, or as a practical mattress you can take with you on holiday. Very thin, it is particularly suitable for puppies and older pets. Plaza Gummy is available in different models. Choose the one that best suits your needs! Easy to maintain, it can be washed at 40° C and occasionally at 90° C for disinfection purposes, to clean it from dust, dirt or fur. The eco-friendly fur keeps beautiful and soft after washing.
  • Rug for cats and dogs
  • Made of soft eco-friendly fur, for extra comfort
  • Ensures high insulation from the floor
  • Sturdy and resistant to tear
  • With anti-slip bottom for maximum stability
  • Perfect for puppies and older pets
  • Very thin, can easily be taken with you on vacation
  • Machine washable at 40° C, occasionally at 95° C for disinfection purposes
  • The eco-friendly fur keeps beautiful and soft after washing

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